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Our Values

At Shreeve Protection Services, we understand that the success of any company is linked to their culture and values.

Our aim is always to provide a security service which is reliable, flexible and efficient, no matter the kind of service required. In order to achieve these standards, we consistently recruit highly developed personnel, who benefit from our constant support and development.

    Thanks to our definitive key values, our company look to provide:
  • Continuous training and development
  • Unbeatable reliability, flexibility and professionalism
  • First class communication and feedback
  • A pro-active response, every time
  • Respect and integrity
  • Reward and recognition
  • Strong support
  • Exceptional team work

Our strategies for meeting these high standards are contained in our company’s procedures. Everything we do is carried out with these objectives in mind. At SPS, we continuously strive for improvement in everything we do, with audited assessments to show substantial growth and improvement, year-on-year.

As an ACS accredited supplier, we will always help to meet your security obligations for staff, shareholders and other stakeholders. Approved contractors of ACS are demonstrably committed to exceptional customer service and the compulsory licensing of staff. That means you can rest-assured, every private security operative deployed is working within the law.