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Event Security and Stewarding

When planning and running an event the safety and security of all involved are highly important to organisers as well as being a licence requirement in many cases. Here at Shreeve Protection Services, we have a professional, experienced, vetted, qualified, and licensed workforce who are able to meet a broad range of needs e.g Event Security or Stewarding, and offer services specifically tailored to you.

We can provide services for:

  • Sporting Events
  • Entertainment Shows
  • Corporate Events
  • Private Parties
  • Live Music Events
  • Community Events
  • Festivals and concerts 

What our clients benefit from:

  • Our Significant expertise in providing event security and stewarding 
  • Our Pre-event guidance/risk assessments on security precautions and staff requirements to develop applicable operational plans and assist in the implementation of necessary controls, to create the safest possible environment for your staff and customers. 
  • Senior management will oversee our teams to specifically ensure the operational smooth running and co-ordination of the team and your needs at all times leading up to and through your event.

Duties that are applied to any event:

  • Access control including the checking of passes/badges
  • Provide access control passes to any or all areas of your event
  • Searching of guests using standard search procedures or advanced search technology
  • Advice on theft prevention and ways in which we can prevent it
  • Patrolling of all areas, securing all perimeters
  • Assisting staff, visitors, guests with directions or general information
  • Feedback as per your requirements/requests

Why use Shreeve Protection Services?

By using us you are choosing a respected and reputable company that operates to the highest professional standards. We are dedicated to assisting you from the preparation stage of planning, continually supporting you right the way through to the completion of your event whether it be for a few hours or over a prolonged period.

Our tailored security services are achieved through listening attentively to your priorities, whilst at the same time ensuring all legal and industry standards are adhered to.

Our Specialisations:

  • Safety Stewarding - maintaining high levels of public safety at your event in full compliance with industry best practices and in line with your safety certificate.
  • Venue Rapid Response - the ability to deploy officers to incidents within your venue. Specialising in conflict management and highly competent in physical intervention, communication, and incident reporting. Our closely managed response units quickly and expertly defuse, de-escalate or deal with the disorder if and when it occurs.
  • Event Surveillance - our officers can covertly and seamlessly monitor and adapt to any situation, therefore providing you with a blanket of protection and ultimately peace of mind.
  • Advanced Security Search - our teams can sweep a venue prior to your event, perform searches on persons entering, and/or respond to suspicious circumstances should they arise. We have human, technical, and canine search capability - please see our Event Drug Search Dog or Event Explosive Search Dogs page for more information on how this can assist your event. - Click here
  • Corporate / VIP Services - smart. polite, courteous, and efficient, our officers can perform meet/greet, front of the house, and secure escort roles.
  • Private Functions - our well-managed staff will make your event run smoothly by controlling access, meeting and greeting your guests, maintaining safety, and good order.
  • Car Park Security Management - the orderly management of parking along with inward and outbound flow of vehicles.
  • Full Planning Service - our planning services include complete risk assessment(for Security, Marshalling, and health & safety), through liaison with clients, users, local authorities (usually the safety advisory group), and local police and emergency services.

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I would like to pass on my thanks to your crew for acting in such a prompt and professional manner throughout the day.” 

P VandenBerg