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General Purpose Security Dogs

Dogs aren’t just man’s best friend- they’re also our best protection against intruders, and a fantastic alternative to having multiple guards manning a site.

Security Dog Units are perfect for premises where a site is not easily observable, such as container yards, industrial-estates and high-racked warehouses are typical areas in which a dog can detect intruders unsighted to a single patrol

When would Security Guard Dogs be most beneficial?

  • Premises covering large areas which need to be ‘swept’ frequently and diligently, such as schools, athletic stadiums and parks.
  • In areas of high risk to patrols operating alone where there are high levels of crime such as unmanned parking, pedestrian walkways at night or well-known gang areas, vacant properties, rail and construction sites and industrial areas.
  • Interacting with employees, customers and the general public, meaning they are effective at events for crowd control and safety sweeps.
  • Works effectively as an additional layer to our enforcement services in the removal of unauthorised personnel for any premise, vacant or other.

Why choose Shreeve Protection Services?

Our team are committed to offering the most effective security dog handling services, along with the highest levels of customer service.

We train all our Security Dog Handlers to the standard level as laid out in the British Standard of operation for security and detection dogs. This award scheme requires handlers to undergo continuous training, to ensure they are up-to-date with modern practices.

All General Purpose Security Dog Handlers fully understand and comply with the requirements of The Guard Dogs Act, The Dangerous Dogs Act , and The Animal Welfare Act as well as many more legal and legislative guidelines.

The company and all handlers are inspected by NSI external auditors on a regular basis to ensure ongoing compliance to the requirement of BS 8517 Part 1 as part of our Gold Status, alongside maintaining NASDU (National Association of Security Dog Users) Inspected company status. In many cases by using a company like us with this level of accreditation can mean reduction to your risk and insurance premiums.

Records of all our training, both initial and continuing, can be made available for inspection.

We are highly recommend by not only our clients with the retention of work year on year but also our staff who praise the way in which we deliver our services and support.

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