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Narcotic and Explosive Search Dogs

Despite the introduction of more and more sophisticated screening technologies, there remains no resource alternative that is as versatile, mobile, and reliable as the Search Dog Team for detection.

What sites are suitable for Narcotic and Explosives Search Dogs?

In addition to our security dogs, we also provide Narcotic and Explosive search dogs, both passive and pro-active.

This particular service is ideal for:

  • Nightclubs, Factories, or Schools. Dogs are ideal for sweeping for illegal substances and performing internal sweeps for hidden supplies.
  • Ports- places where containers, vehicles, and persons need to be screened, whether for narcotics or explosives.
  • Stadiums, Arenas, or local events.
  • Shopping centres. Such swift service will maintain a location’s image and reputation.
  • Any locations where narcotics or explosives are a concern.

Explosive Search Dogs

Shreeve Protection Services provide a well-balanced explosive search dog unit, consisting of both ex-military, police experienced, and security dog handlers. Our handlers have operational experience in various settings and scenarios including Northern Ireland, Iraq, Bosnia, and Kosovo.

All explosive dog teams undergo a rigorous and demanding course with a thorough assessment prior to being deployed. They also have regular training to maintain a high operational standard of efficiency. This keeps them up to date with current explosive types and delivery methods, whilst keeping in mind past techniques.

Explosive search dog handlers require an above-average skill and concentration level. After their training, they will have a thorough knowledge of search procedures, risk assessments, evaluations, cordoning, and control.

All our teams will conform to the same standard laid down by the Home Office ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) guidelines.

Each dog is trained to search for and locate substances such as Semtex, PE4, C4, TNT, Nitroglycerine, Cordtex, ANS, TATP, and HMTD. They will be able to search a wide range of venues including compounds, buildings, vehicles, ports, shopping centres, stadiums, arenas, airports, and more.

Narcotic (Drug) Search Dogs

With the widespread use and availability of various illegal drugs, it is paramount that there are highly trained and professional teams to combat the supply of these drugs in public areas and entertainment venues.

As with our explosive search dog team, narcotic search dog teams undergo regular training and are able to search and locate a variety of drugs such as cocaine, crack cocaine, ecstasy, amphetamines, LSD, marijuana, etc. . Teams are competent in dealing with a range of environments - searching vehicles, individuals, public venues, buildings - and any other place that a customer might require.

Teams will report to the clients' management and follow their instructions and act according to the clients' policies.

Proactive: The Area or Venue search dog - the drug detection team will operate mainly with the dog off the leash (where safety permits) under the full control of its handler. The team will search classrooms, cloakrooms, toilets, storage and staff areas, offices, delivery points, dance floors, seating areas, bars, vehicles, and certain outside areas if deemed appropriate. The searching technique is tried and tested for the purpose of identifying areas where drugs have been concealed or have been used. When carried out as a high-profile exercise this type of search is an excellent deterrent.

Passive: The People Screening - The dog will be operated on the leash and under the full control of its handler. The individuals entering the buildings will simply have to walk past the drug detection dog on their way into the establishment. Sniffer dogs are trained to have minimal contact with the persons as they screen them. This screening will compliment any door searching or other security routine and may save the need for any overly intrusive body searches. The dog team may also be utilised to search members of staff if required. This second type of search is ideal for screening people for any drugs that they may have concealed about their person or are carrying in bags etc. The objective of this type of search is to prevent any drugs from being carried on to the premises when it is open and to deter individuals from attempting to bring drugs into the premises.

Multi-purpose: Combination of both the above: Multi-purpose dogs combine the role of both the proactive and passive dog.

Why Choose Shreeve Protection Services?   

All dog teams have regular continuation training to maintain a high operational standard of efficiency and to ensure they are up to date with all new developments in the industry, with current explosive and narcotic types and delivery methods, whilst keeping in mind past techniques. This is then Assessed by an external verifier.

The company and all handlers are inspected by NSI external auditors on a regular basis to ensure ongoing compliance to the requirement of BS8517 Part 2 as part of our Gold Status, alongside maintaining NASDU (National Association of Security Dog Users) Inspected company status. in many cases by using a company like us with this level of accreditation can mean a reduction to your risk and insurance premiums.

Records of all training, initial and continuation, undertaken by our handlers and dogs can be made available for inspection.

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