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Door Supervision

Door Supervision is the first and last impression a client has of a venue. So it’s worth making sure you choose the best possible security company for your particular venue. Often it can be the difference between a successful venue, with a great reputation; and one which doesn’t attract the right kind of patron and therefore feels unsafe.

It’s important that all patrons can enjoy a safe and secure environment, while your security staff fulfills your specific requirements.

With Shreeve Protection Services, the high standards, appearance, and customer service abilities of our SIA approved Door Supervisors will enhance the reputation of any venue.

Every member of our staff is highly experienced, friendly, and professional, with the ability to communicate with patrons without appearing threatening or intimidating. They are guaranteed to be true ambassadors of your venue.

This service is ideal for:

  • Night clubs, restaurants, pubs, and bars
  • Hotels
  • Private parties
  • Weddings
  • Any other venues in need

As approved SIA contractors, we have the seal of approval from this organisation, having demonstrated a commitment to customer service and the compulsory licensing of staff. That means you can rest assured that all our private security staff will be working within the law.

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“will recommend to other pub in our group”

B. Williams (Venue)