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Keyholding and Alarm Response

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The use of a professional security provider is proven to reduce crime rates and in many cases can save money on insurance premiums.

Here at Shreeve Protection Services, we want to take the responsibility off your shoulders. As a professional keyholding and alarm response company, we will be on hand 24/7 offering services that are compatible with a wide range of site, including; residential, commercial, vacant and industrial properties.

Commercial & Industrial Keyholding

There are often common occurrences for businesses where nominated Key Holders are on leave or sick or have been celebrating or socialising, using a nominated key holder reduces the pressure on these 'on call' members of staff. Staff can wave goodbye to the risk of dangerous situations, and accompanying stress, allowing them to fully enjoy their free-time and leave the office behind.

What does our key holding and alarm response service offer you?

  • Alarm response units responding to all activations, promptly and efficiently - no matter the time of day.
  • All vehicles are fitted with key safes and tracking devices in full compliance with BS7984
  • Security Mobile patrol units with or without the use of canine, which reduce the need for full time security officers, are a cost effective solution and also highly effective at deterring intruders.
  • Warning signs to place around your premises - another effective deterrent for potential intruders.
  • Full activation reports to clients for all activation visits.

In accordance with the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) guidelines, the health and safety of your staff remains your responsibility. Corporate manslaughter and homicidal acts make management accountable for any failings to protect staff. Along with these regulations, Shreeve Protection Services will also take care of stipulations placed on lone workers. 

Lock-up / Unlock

Shreeve Protection Services can send a patrol team to attend at agreed times and undertake a full internal and external patrol ensuring all windows and doors are secured, ensuring lights and other equipment are turned off to save power and they will only leave when the alarm has been set and the property secured. This service could be as little as locking up premises, local parks, car parks barriers or other. The patrol teams can unlock you premises in the morning.

Mobile Patrol

Our Hi-visibility mobile patrol vehicle visits provide a cost effective and reliable security solution when your premises are unoccupied and are at their most vulnerable. Our mobile patrol officers will make random visit to inspect premises for signs of potentials trespass and damage. These inspections an either internal, external or both.  Random mobile patrol an be an effective deterrent to would be vandals and intruders.

Land or Vacant Premises Inspections

Our Teams can visit empty / unoccupied premises or land on behalf of the owners or agents and make regular and random basis check such as;

  • Checking gates and making sure the land is secured
  • Premises heck for the condition of the property internal and external, look for any  sign of vandalism, graffiti etc.
  • premises check for water leaks or water flash and take meter readings

Shreeve protection team has a track record of successfully removing unauthorised trespassers such as; squatters, antisocial gatherings, unauthorised encampment.

Many insurance companies require regular checks on vacant properties inspections to be made to ensure the building is maintained and secure. The failure  quickly identify damage and potential risk can lead to claims being rejected,  property check ensure these risk are reduced in addition to meeting the policy stipulations. we can supply full reports and photographic evidence of all inspections made. 

Residential Keyholding

Want protection for your Family and Property from any unwanted risk or inconvenience?

Shreeve Protection Services can keep your home safe wherever you may be, by providing 24-hour keyholding and alarm response 365 days a year - Protecting your assets, reducing the risk and releasing pressure from yourself, neighbours or friends.

One of our specially trained Mobile Officers can attend your property for any of your requirements including:

  • If you've locked yourself out - we can attend within an hour (depending on locations) to give you access.
  • If you have a delivery that will require authorised access - we can send a mobile officer to your property to take care of this instead of you having to re-arrange or interrupt your day.
  • If you require regular home checks whilst you are on holiday or away from your property for a long period of time - this can include feeding pets or tasks such as watering plants etc.
  • General Alarm Response - attendance for any alarm activations, a trained officer will attend asap and carry out a full inspection of the property and will take appropriate actions where needed such as calling Emergency Response and dealing with them on your behalf.

What makes us Different?

  • We supply full in depth activation reports which can be sent electronically or a paper copy, with pictures and actions taken if any.
  • We do not sub contract any of our work to third parties, therefore we have total control of service delivery and communications.
  • Your keys will be secure and traceable at all times, and only accessed by authorised personnel.
  • Our officers are fully vetted to BS7858, hold a valid SIA licence and receive ongoing training that far exceeds regulatory requirements.
  • Our services continue to be recommended by our clients, proven by the year on year retention of not only our smaller contracts but also larger multi-site locations.

Rest assured your property, Family, Business and Staff are in safe hands with Shreeve Protection Services. We are certified as meeting the NSI Gold Standard - highlighting our commitment to providing the highest quality and most compliant service in the sector.

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