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Residential Security

Everybody has the right to feel safe at home, and that their home is protected.

If you’re ever concerned about leaving your property unattended, when away on holiday, working or on a business trip, our team at Shreeve can visit your home and carry out thorough security checks.

Our foremost aim is to offer you complete peace of mind with the knowledge that both your family and home are safe at all times. After all, burglary and criminal damage are deeply traumatic experiences. At SPS we believe well-designed prevention systems are the key. That’s why we use the most innovative technology and well-trained staff to prevent such events from occurring.

The key to successful residential security is access control and the presence of trained personnel, who are always vigilant regarding any alerts.

Benefits of Residential Security include:

  • Reliable deterrent to potential wrong-doers
  • Swift response and assistance
  • Regular security checks of premises and surrounding areas
  • Access control to assist in the monitoring of visitors and the deterrence of loitering
  • Option to pool costs with local Crime Prevention Schemes between other residents.


As part of our residential security services, we provide a survey that will identify any areas of a potential violation. This means we can fully accommodate any existing provisions or systems, along with recommending changes if required.

Recommended service options:

  • Keyholding and Alarm Response – Around the clock professional response to your alarm system
  • Mobile Patrols – A dedicated patrol officer (optional canine) will patrol your property; or where a group of residents pools the service; patrol the neighborhood
  • Gate Control – Where areas have private entry, gate security can be put in place to control visitor and resident access

There is a wide range of services available that can be offered and adapted for the residential environment. Our staff can be visible and high profile or discrete as you like.

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