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Retail Security

Whether you have a small local shop or a chain of high street outlets, we understand that the current economic trading conditions are difficult enough without dealing with shrinkage as a result of theft. Your business will also need to consider aggravated theft and violence against shop workers.

Retail Security is used in a wide range of retail locations, such as shopping precincts, supermarkets, chain stores, department stores and individual outlets. Every location has its own range of issues and it is essential for the Retail Security to have a clear understanding of not only your premises, but also knowledge of the local vicinity in which they are employed. Understanding each individual client’s values and operating procedures means that our team are fully inducted into your operations and become an integrated member of your team.

There is a fine balance between creating a welcoming atmosphere for your genuine customers and being able to deter crime; and where necessary identify /deal with theft when the event arises. To be successful the officer needs to be capable of doing a wide variety of tasks across various assignments.

They also understand electronic security devices, and how to utilise systems such as CCTV to prevent theft, gather evidence and apprehend offenders.

Our officers are trained in aspects of fraud prevention, including credit card fraud and counterfeit currency, and they have extensive knowledge of the legal requirements of retail security. When dealing with shoplifters, certain protocols must be maintained to ensure that any incident is dealt with legally, efficiently and with minimal disruption to the normal activities of your business.

We offer a wide range of retail security services, including door supervisors, uniformed shop-floor security officers, covert store detectives, secret shoppers, as well as stockroom and head office security.

Officers are able to:

  • Identify Products at Risk and Why
  • Understand Stock Attrition by Customers
  • Understand Stock Attrition by Staff & Suppliers
  • Use Effective Surveillance Techniques
  • Operate CCTV Equipment
  • Know the Law Regarding How to Search and Detain

All our staff are trained in incident management such as bomb threats, fire alarms as well as techniques with which to assist in customer services issues, such as abusive or potentially violent customers.

Retail Security London

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"We were very impressed by their dwell time , appearance and professionalism. all staff including the management seem to have an excellent approach to their roles"

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