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3 reasons to consider venue partnership for security and stewarding

Keeping event attendees safe, secure and free from harm, from when they set foot inside your venue to when they leave again, is a key part of any successful event.

Having an experienced, professional and loyal team to support you and make sure that all security requirements are met, so that every event can go ahead as planned, is essential for all event venues.


1. Venue partnership for security and stewarding enables you to have a team who know your venue

Venue partnership for Event security and stewarding is a great way to ensure that you have experienced security personnel who know and understand your venue.

Having to explain your venue and its quirks to countless different security companies, each time you need  security and stewarding for an event, can be time-consuming and repetitive.

Partnering with one security firm to provide your security and stewarding, means that you should only have to do this once - leaving you to concentrate on your core business.

2. Every event venue is different and will require a different approach

These days, events are held in a wide variety of different types of venues, each with their quirks and unique features. This means that a ‘one size fits all’ approach to security is no longer good enough.

Each venue must be thoroughly assessed for any areas of higher risk or potential hazards.

By partnering with a security firm for all of your events, you can be sure that, because the security and stewarding team will know your venue well, your event security is the best that it can be. 

3. No need to spend time searching for other security firms

To properly research a security firm and check their references, can take a great deal of time. By partnering with one business for the event security and stewarding of your venue, you know your security is taken care of for your next event.

It’s also a good idea to make sure that any security firm that you do choose to provide security and stewarding services for your venue, has teams that are overseen by senior management at all times.

Locating an experienced, reputable security firm, where all personnel are trained and have the correct knowledge and capabilities to deliver the service to ensure that your event runs smoothly, can be difficult and time consuming.

It’s important to check that any security firm that you choose to partner with, are an SIA approved contractor and ideally are of NSI GOLD standard. This way, you will have peace of mind that the security company has to meet high business performance standards and audits are regularly undertaken to ensure that they are meeting those standards. You will also have the added peace of mind that all relevant staff will have been security screened.

Want to know more about venue partnership for event security and stewarding and how it could benefit you? Shreeve Protection Services has a team of security checked, highly trained event security personnel, providing security and stewarding services across a wide range of venues in the south east of England including London, Kent and Essex. Get in touch today on 0203 599 8155 to find out more.


 Constructio Security

Construction site London- 8 tips to Keep your construction site secure

When it comes to vulnerability to criminal activity, construction sites come pretty high up on the list. Filled with expensive equipment and often bustling with a long list of people going in and out, construction sites can be vulnerable to opportunists or become the target of organised gangs.

 Here are our 8 tips to help you keep your construction site secure:

1.    Sufficient lighting

Criminals are less likely to enter an area where they can be seen and maybe identified. Keep your construction site well-lit at all times, as a deterrent to would-be trespassers. 

2. Security guards

Security guards are trained to spot any suspicious activity and to deal with it appropriately. Having a security guard on site 24/7, means that there can be an instant response to any criminal activity, without having to wait for the police to attend. Seeing Security guards on site can also act as a deterrent to criminals.


CCTV cameras can be constantly monitored by security guards. They can also act as a visual deterrent to criminals because most criminals do not want to be able to be identified or ‘caught in the act’.

If you are unable to install cameras, a ‘dummy’ camera can also put any thieves or vandals off entering your construction site.

4. Use signage to dissuade criminals from trespassing

Let criminals know they are being watched by CCTV and that they will be prosecuted. Many opportunistic criminals or vandals would prefer to commit crimes without the knowledge that they are being watched.

5. Perimeter security

A fence installed around your construction site will cost criminals time and effort to get through. Generally, criminals are looking for an easy target, where they can get in and out as quickly as possible, as this minimises their chance of being caught.

6. Put equipment away at the end of the day

Keep any expensive equipment locked away after the working day is finished. Catching sight of an expensive piece of kit may be too tempting for some criminals to resist.

7. Control the keys

Make sure that keys to any equipment are locked away at the end of the day and are not left in the ignition.

8. Build relationships with the local police

The local police will be able to inform you of the specific security risks your site could be facing.

Construction sites are usually open and are therefore particularly vulnerable to criminal activity. By having a good security strategy, which includes things such as security guarding and CCTV, you can work towards minimising the attractiveness of your construction site to criminals.

Want to know more about how to keep your construction site secure? Shreeve Protection Services provides comprehensive security services to businesses throughout the South East of England, including London, Kent and Essex. Our security guards can be provided with training specific to the construction and rail sectors.

 Close Protection (Bodyguard)

When people think of bodyguards, an image of a man in dark sunglasses speaking into a microphone at the end of his sleeve, while helping a celebrity into a spotless car, can often be the first thing that pops into their minds. While many bodyguards do protect celebrities in this way, bodyguarding, also known as Close Protection, serves a much wider purpose than many people think. Here at Shreeve Protection Services, we’ve come up with 5 things you probably didn’t know about bodyguards.

1. Bodyguard transport and escort assets 

It’s not just people that bodyguards look after. Sometimes, an asset has to be transported in a safe and secure environment. Bodyguards use all of the skills gained during their extensive training regimes, to make sure that any assets that need to be transported from A to B, get there without being damaged or stolen.

2. Many bodyguards have advanced security driving training 

As part of its Close Protection services, any good security company should provide bodyguards who are trained in advanced security driving, including anti-surveillance. Sometimes, the person or people a bodyguard is protecting may be being followed. Skilled bodyguards will know how to spot this and safely and securely move away from the threat.

3. Some bodyguards provide live-in protection

Bodyguards aren’t just utilised when it comes to leaving the safety of the home. Residential protection teams are common in high-risk situations. Sometimes, canine protection is used together with bodyguards, when people or a person needs to be protected in their own home.

4. Bodyguards are also used for the protection of workforces

Many places of work are deemed to be low risk and need no more than a swipe system and a reception desk. However, some workforces require additional protection because of where they are or what they do. Bodyguards are often used to protect high-risk workforces.

5. Security Advance Party (SAP) duties are an important element of being a bodyguard

Bodyguards are trained to assess venues or areas for any potential threats or hazards before the person or people they are protecting have even arrived. This will sometimes involve working with canine detection teams.

Bodyguards are trained in a wide range of skills and carry out a much larger variety of protection-related tasks than many people think. Extremely flexible and versatile, good bodyguards are able to adapt to any given situation when necessary.

Want to know more about our Close Protection team at Shreeve Protection Services? All of our Close Protection personnel are fully trained and have experience of working in many different environments throughout the world, including on our home turf in UK, London, Kent and Essex. Get in touch on 0203 599 8155 today to find out more. 

Residential Security

Home is often the place where we go to relax and to recover, after the stresses and strains of the outside world. Whether your home is in a bustling city, like London, or in the depths of the British countryside, effective residential security is key to keeping your home secure.

Cities are constantly undergoing change

Living in the busy metropolis of London can sometimes result in the illusion that there are always people around, so our home is less likely to be broken into. Unfortunately, the buzz of cities brings with it the high turnover of people, whether on a day-to-day basis through commuters, or new tenants appearing every time a lease is up for renewal. This causes a lack of continuity, with many Londoners never meeting their neighbours, resulting in a greater potential for criminals, who intend to burgle or damage properties, remaining undetected.

Homes are often left unattended and vulnerable

Homes in London can be left empty while people go on holiday, just like homes everywhere else in the UK. However, a greater number of London properties are left unattended every weekend, with some people choosing to live in London only during the week. Many people also leave their homes regularly for business trips. In order to keep your home secure when you are away, a residential security firm can visit your home and carry out thorough security checks on a regular basis.

Prevention systems are key to effective residential security

Any good security professional will tell you that prevention is the key element of any residential security plan. Criminals look for homes that are vulnerable. By utilising the most innovative technology and well-trained staff, criminals may be deterred from targeting your home.

Criminals do not always target an empty home

Burglaries that happen when families are at home are extremely traumatic. Residential security specialists can help to keep your family safe by providing swift response and assistance, should an incident occur.

Professional access control can also be utilised to monitor all visitors and additionally serves as a way to deter people loitering around your property.

Using a professional security company to keep your home secure, can not only help to keep your home safe when you’re not there but can also assist in keeping your family safe, when you are.

Shreeve Protection Services provides residential security services to homes throughout the South East of England, including London, Kent and Essex. As part of our extensive services, we offer our customers a full survey to identify any areas of potential violation.

Our staff can be high profile or discrete, depending on your preferences and we are able to fully accommodate any existing provisions or systems that you already have in place.

Get in touch on 0203 599 8155 today to talk to one of our Residential Security advisors about the wide range of services we provide to help keep your London, Kent and Essex home secure.

Event Security & Stewarding

When you are planning a London event, security must be your top priority.Without the correct security measures in place, your event may not be able to go ahead. Or if it does go ahead, you could face serious consequences should anything go wrong.

Effective security is essential for all London venues, whether your event is to be held in a building or outside in an open space. But why is event security so important in London venues?

1. A good security strategy will help your London event to run smoothly

Having knowledgeable and professional event security personnel, who are trained to provide a wide range of security services, will give your event the foundation it needs to help it run without any major hitches.

2. Risk assessments help you to identify any areas of higher risk and ascertain how many stewards you need

Good security teams should carry out risk assessments of your London venue beforehand, in order to develop effective operational plans, identify any particularly high-risk areas and assist in the implementation of necessary controls. Risk assessments are an essential part of any event’s security strategy, to help make sure that your event is safe.

3. High-standards stewarding makes your event safer and more enjoyable for all involved

Security-approved event stewards play a key role in event security, by interacting with the event’s attendees and making sure that rules are followed at all times. Event stewards are usually the first and last impression people have of your event, so it’s important to make sure that they are trained and security checked.

4. Wide range of people entering your event beforehand

No matter the size of your London event, it is likely that you’ll require some external contractors for things such as catering or marquee erection. A good security team is an essential part of ensuring that only people who are meant to be in your venue, gain entry.

5. Not all people coming to your event have the same idea of what amount to a good time

People could come to your event with things such as drugs or weapons, or the intention to vandalise or cause trouble. You could even find yourself faced with a medical emergency. An experienced security team can ensure that any issues are dealt with quickly and professionally. Whether your event is large scale or intimate, outdoors or inside, you should consider how much and what type of security you will need. Hiring a security company who has security personnel who are experienced in event security, can provide you with peace of mind that your event is as safe as possible for all of your attendees.

Want to know more about event security and stewarding?

Shreeve Protection Services has highly trained, security checked event security personnel, who are overseen by senior managers at all times, to ensure the smooth running of your event. Get in touch today on  0203 599 8155 to find out more about how we could help.